Enter the fall…

fall path 10-13

Fall has arrived

Fall is finally here… this last week was the defining frame of reference when wet and cool began to trigger the changes. It does something to you. At first it’s the summer is ending. Love to have an extra month of summer. Then excitement for the fall because of its beauty. It will be a good fall even at this pace. Wet cool year might give us really good color.

The change still seems slow and lazy in a good way. I just now only see the Red Oak’s leaves on the ridge across. Hints of all the reds and yellows. Actually seems like the whole year has been lazy and just getting-along. Taking its time. Maybe a reflection of me and how I’ve been accepting the changes in my life. Not going crazy over what is expected. In fact I feel as lazy as the afternoons at times. I feel no pressure for anything unless I have procrastinated. It does happen.

My fall Happenings are next the next show coming up in October 25–27 in the New Javits center. A first for me to sell retail in NYC. Am excited and almost ready for it. I will be showing all my work from Wearable to the wall pieces… My current quilts and cushions and I’ve tightened up the booth even more with better display. We will see how the region accepts us all. It’s an intimate show so far.


Kobi and Hunter

My life with the boys. I’ve never introduced these two but Kobi and Hunter are my two Golden pals whom I’ve adored since I met them. Both near 10 Years and are brothers from another mother. Did new technology allergy tests and found they are allergic to repetition of foods etc. big shake down on their food stuffs etc. Another example of renewing an old and tired energy. What my life seems to be about this year. Making things new again. These boys are a constant for me. I care for them cause they are sort of my children. Dogs know 2 hundred words and if you use them they will communicate with you in their own special way. Kobi is strong and has a youthful energy with a glint of mischievousness. Hunter is more serious and has a reliable stance that can seem dependent at times. Both sweet natured personalities and full of love. Hunter is in remission of a brain tumor. Better health is always the answer whether its physical or emotional.

I believe all beings teach you something with close proximity and these two have taught me a lot. I am a much better being for having them in my life. I am.