Home again

American Craft Exposition August 2013

My booth at the Evanston show

Evanston was challenging but full of fun. Shows are not always about money yet we artists have this intense focus to get it all together. To build a store for all to see. As we work in our studios we forget our extended family and their value to us. I met people that had things for me to learn and was very open to and helped me evolve a bit closer to what I strive to be. A good human being. The show was good and did what it needed to do for my economic stability. Considering all the troubles the ladies of the show had to deal with like construction and heat etc. They were troopers. I felt cared for and befriended by them. Each show teaches me what to alter and how to improve my space and my sales etc.

My magnetic pins were a success for helping to keep styles in place. My note cards were ignored but lets face it …our society does not mail much anymore.  I will continue to sell them as their visual and physical charm are high on my list. And hopefully in my heart charm will win out over all else. This show was on my top 5 list. It was beautiful and considering it was on a tennis court I am amazed at the work shown there. Many people I have come to know and respect and maybe even collect. I walk away from every show with someone’s work regardless of the success of the show. Some work humbled me to a point of stilling my energy for a moment…as a sigh is freed from my soul. I traded some and bought some. Met and appreciate some really lovely people. My set up and tear down was pretty calm considering we had so much to work around. I learned in this show that no matter how broken your life might seem at any one given moment…that there are fine examples of wonderful people who teach you that the way it was need not be the way it will be. I am humbled in joy when I receive this information. It urges me to grow. It uplifts me as I am open to it now. Grow no matter what…and no matter who is engaged. I am certainly a better person for doing this show. I hope everyone had a great experience. I am a better human for it…I am.