Off to Evanston!

wall hanging ready for framing

Wall hanging ready for framing

Headed for my first Evanston show (ACE) on 19th of August. I have been applying to this show for 20 years with never a chance and I am so excited. It’s also a 2-day driving trip for me which I don’t usually do but I have faith in this show and have some really new work that is so exciting. Layers on layers of dyeing for visual depth. I will be sharing the show with many peers. It’s similar to a family reunion. I need to do the show in a group like this as I have not done a show in a few months. Simply to do more booth and business revamping and what I design and how it’s displayed. I’m nervous as most of us are…usually it’s just like performing in a way. You get the shakes but once you get there you realize it’s back to the basics. Getting that booth up and making it just right for this show.

I have new work and am proud of the newer and more patient applications. It’s taken a lot for me to address the patience thing. Once again the work is reflecting the depth in mine and all around me and the incredible depth humanity has. And the self value thing as they go hand in hand for me. For the longest time I simply did everything as fast as possible and would procrastinate it to the very end until it was almost too late. Now I understand it’s my self value and how I see myself belonging in the world. I learned early I did not believe that I belonged and had to teach myself as I grew up to think differently.

But I only just recognized this a few years ago when I became single human again. I resisted it for a couple of years with growing intensity and then at the end of last year it apexed and my voice quietly told me “it’s time to let go of all that and move forward.” So I did…that voice has guided me through life and now it’s even more pronounced. I think simply because I am listening. It’s best to say that listening is probably one of…if not…the most important thing a human can do. Stop for a moment and listen to yourself. I now call them little messengers…. Quiet times when your voice says something and I should listen. It’s time for me to be open to messages that just might improve my life. I think there is a super intelligence within us that has been ignored. We are so distracted from all the stimulus that we overlook the quiet intelligence that is waiting for us. I’m all ears, I am.